Dream Big & Achieve Big

You have a dream? but don’t know how to channelize your dream? I am here to help you! 

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Dream big! This amazing feeling when we go to bed knowing that we will be able to now disconnect from the real world and start thinking of ways to turn our desires into a reality is a space we wish we could stay in forever. Perhaps a dream is a place where we achieve the impossible too. Isn’t this just WOW? Now I have a question—why is it that we are able to dream the impossible but not achieve the impossible in reality?

Have you ever watched a spider weave a web? When on the mission to weave the web, the spider works slowly and with great care. Many times the spider tries to throw the thread from one edge to another, It falls while weaving but doesn’t give up, and it tries again and again and finally succeeds in weaving the web.  I personally like the perseverance of the spider. It inspires and gives me the lifetime goal of never giving up and to keep trying.

I see many people in this world give up even before they try.  The real setback in life is not trying. “Give yourself a chance to yourself, try and fail but don’t fail without trying”. If you want to conquer your fears and achieve something in life, the spider’s path is exactly the path you should take when on a task. You may fail several times while on the path and might feel things aren’t working but the truth is while what you expect might not be working however there are many other elements that are in one way or another working without you being aware. We can overcome such obstacles only when we train our mind to think positive and project good thoughts because it is very important to know that what we send out to the universe, we get back. Every time you fail, you need to find the gap and an absolutely new way that leads to your due success.

Times of struggle will teach you how to remain in the face of unimaginable adversities. That being said, you should ensure that you are on the right path and truly working to make your dreams a reality. I personally believe a dream will not let you sleep until you have fulfilled your dream.

Few points that you should keep in mind when you’re on such an endeavor in life.


Categorize goals

  • Short term goals
  • Medium term goals
  • Long term goals

At every moment, you should live in the present and understand the need of the hour. Know the resources you need to make the goals a reality. Along with this, the tasks may also have some unrealistic elements. Get away from them. They waste a lot of your precious time and give nothing in return.

Make a choice

The choice you make today gives you an opportunity to walk ahead and grow big, or you could remain small, unknown, and just one among the crowd. Do you really want to be just mediocre?

When you are given an opportunity to make a choice and you don’t make a choice, you lead a life full of deep regret and heartbreak. Remember that it is not every time that an opportunity will knock on your door. When it knocks, just grab it and make the best use of it. Nothing can be more damaging than refusing the opportunity which came your way, which was your dream but you didn’t accept.

Keep working towards your goals

Nothing in life comes easy. When you have a clear vision in life, things will move in the direction of your vision only when you put the extra effort. Make the best use of each moment of your time and opportunities because it will decide your victory in every endeavor of your life. Remember, there are no substitutes for hard work.

Lesson from the past mistakes

“A mistake is not a failure but repeating the same mistake definitely failure”. Learn from your past mistakes, ideally, the path to success is the lesson you learn from past mistakes. Failure is a great teacher, one you ought to learn from. So the next time you fail, pause and see that you aren’t repeating same the mistake.


Take a break in the face of difficulties

People often succumb to the pressure of difficulties. The truth is everyone at several points will face difficulties. The magnitude of the difficulties has nothing to do with you worrying over them. Instead, sometimes all you need to do is sip a cup of your favorite beverage and watch the sky. Difficulties will not go if you have frowned on your face, rather if you are at peace of mind you could do wonders. Never let the problem overpower you – this is a secret that will help you overcome obstacles no matter how big.  Nothing can stop a person with firm determination and true grit.

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