Personal Empowerment!

Do you give up at the first few signs of setbacks or do you really move ahead with your growth?

If your answer is “YES” – scroll to the last page and fill up the details. 


Personal empowerment is about looking at who we are and becoming more aware of ourselves as a unique individuals. It is all about developing the confidence and strength to set realistic goals and fulfill our potential. Every one of us have strengths and weaknesses and we all have some skills & talent that are used in everyday situations, but often we remain unaware of, or undervalue, our true abilities.

“Our mind is like a kaleidoscope. We have to tune our mind to the way we want things to be and then see the magic.  Clarity of vision helps you to have a command over your life and not let others command your life”.

If we are aiming for empowerment it will help to take control of our life by making positive choices and setting goals.  Developing confidence, self-awareness, an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

Do you give up at the first few signs of setbacks or do you really move ahead with your growth?

Our own limitations is key to personal empowerment.

I have always believed the secret to set and achieve goals, are by dividing goals into short term and long term goals .Along with setting up goals, always develop new skills, have confidence & will power, in itself is essential for empowerment.

Take control of your circumstances and achieve your own goals both in personal and professional life.

We have to become more aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. When we become aware of our strengths and weakness it helps in dealing a problem and achieving goals. Take opportunities to enhance personal growth, which is necessary in life.

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Aspects of Personal Empowerment  

The following ‘aspects of personal empowerment’ are believed in helping coping effectively with diverse life situations of individuals.


Self-awareness involves understanding our individual character and how we are likely to respond to situations. This helps us to build on our positive qualities and be aware of any negative traits which may reduce our effectiveness.


Values are opinions or beliefs that are important to us but of which we are not always aware. Our values are important to us as individuals .They can be any kind of belief or perceived obligation, anything we prefer and for any reason. The reasons we may prefer one thing over another, or choose one course of action over another, may not always be obvious or known; there may be no apparent reason for our values.


An individual’s skills are the main resource which enables them to achieve their desired goals. Skills can be gained through experience, practice, education and training. It is only by developing such skills that individual values can be translated into action.


Knowledge or information is necessary in the development of self-awareness and skills. Knowing where to find appropriate information is in itself an essential skill. Without information, the choices open to people are limited, both in their personal and working lives.


Setting goals is a means by which an individual can take charge of their life. The process of setting a goal involves people thinking about their values and the direction that they would like their lives to follow. Choices are made through reflection followed by action. Goals should always be both specific and realistic.

13I have always believed in personal empowerment. My life experience has taught me in true sense, “identify your passion and  it will ultimately become your identity”. Few years back I was just another girl among the crowd however I have understood my strengths and weakness and accordingly made best use of them. I believe my passion towards empowering people in their life coupled with excellent listening and communicating skills and being a best-selling author and Motivational speaker has enabled me move from being the common girl to now a Personal Empowerment Coach.

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