Picture 2Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore based Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Personal Empowerment Coach and Life coach.

I am described by those who know me and have worked with me as a person who strongly believes in following her passion and also helps people pursue their passion. I am known to follow disciplined coaching practices and have the ability to not only motivate myself but also empower people to succeed in whatever they set out to do. I am known as a person who would never compromise on work ethics and has demonstrated the ability to help people not only meet but exceed their goals and objectives.

I believe ‘identify your passion and your passion becomes your identity’. I am a dynamic and results-driven corporate person with 10+ years of experience.

Certified with the ICF (International Coach Federation) I am now enjoying the joys and experience of being a Fulfillment – Life Coach and Personal Empowerment Coach. I have been able to apply many of my professional and personal experiences in order to successfully coach and help people to better themselves personally and professionally in their lives.

I believe my passion towards empowering people in their life coupled with excellent listening and communicating skills and being a best-selling author and Motivational speaker has enabled me move from being the common girl to now a Personal Empowerment Coach.

My published books

  • 90 steps towards beginning of a journey
  • She Dared to Dream through her eyes
  • Daily Take Away