Life Coach

Life coaching is about taking the time to reassess your life and taking charge of your life and dreams.


Are you:

  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Looking to get more out of life?
  • Feeling lost and looking for help getting back on track?
  • Wanting help staying on track with your goals?
  • Fed up with always helping others but never having enough energy to change your own life?
  • Always reading self-help books but if you’re honest with yourself, just not taking action
  • Want to have a balanced life?
  • Want to have financial freedom?


Coaching Structure:

  • Coaching sessions generally take place over the phone, Skype or will occur face to face. Each  session will last for one hour
  • Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, three weekly or monthly, to allow you to tailor the coaching process to your needs / timetable and budget. We will agree these times and days together.
  • A “Package” pre-session welcome pack. This is designed to help you to identity what is holding you back in life and kick start the process to you making positive changes in your life and help you make sustainable, long term changes.
  • Clients will receive weekly assignments, reflective exercises or tools to incorporate within their lifestyle. These assignments are deemed important to the development of the individual’s coaching progress and should be completed/reviewed before the next coaching session takes place.


  • During the week, I will be in touch with my clients and vice versa through whichever method of communication is considered most convenient for the client.
  • You can work with me as your coach for one to six months (or longer if needed).