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How to heal from the aftermath of a broken relationship

  • You could possibly going through hard time in a relationship, verge of divorce, divorced, separation or a break up or end of a relationship. So how do we heal from the aftermath of a broken relationship?
  • Well I believe Relationships in any aspect of our lives is important to all of us, isn’t it? Ending a relationship could hurt not only us but others along with us.

Breakup could be heart wrenching, inside of shared commitment, Ending a relationship doesn’t have to be ugly and painful always. When you end things consciously you give yourself freedom to be out of it in peaceful manner instead of mental stress for both of them.

  •  I personally had gone through Relationship crisis, in my life and absolute know how it feels to be broken or the feeling of been devastated in a relationship. But does life come to an end, if we have heart that is been broken into million pieces?

Life comes to halt doesn’t it? We feel there is no life beyond the heart break because we have held fear in us which is society conditional  but truth of matter is we need to overcome our heart break, they say time is best healer, but I believe time doesn’t heal us, until unless we consciously decide to be healed.

Time heals everything – Broken heart, needs lot of tending and caring, prolonged grief- Time lowers the pain, but the pain never stops. When we go through right process, we heal. We carry past baggage in our present life. Take responsibility for your part.

To reclaim the power in your life you have to look at your part. In relationship if 100% is problem of which 97% is done by your partner, you are still responsible for 3% of your part to be considered. It is not divorce that hurts a child, it’s the conflict between parents.

Be Pro Marriage/relationship and not Pro Misery – We want to be realistic that not all Relationship last but instead of staying in agony, consciously deciding to heal aftermath of bad /breakup relationship really helps us to move on.

During my webinar, I would be sharing 4 secrets to heal from the aftermath of a broken relationship.

Come join my master class where we together would work on all the secrets to ensure we heal as person and free ourselves from the pain.

Along with the master class you could avail our bonuses:

  • Bonus -1 – One to one – “One free session for 30 minutes”
  • Bonus-2 Meditation on Forgiveness every morning
  • Bonus-3 -Join our heal from aftermath -WhatsApp group for Daily take away
  • Bonus-4 – Affirmation Series everyday via email for next 1 month
  • Bonus-5 – Goal Setting for our future

Webinar – INR 999